Chris & Ben

Being a gay couple we have known from the very start that we had very limited options to create a family. Adoption was on the top of our list as the method to create our little family.

Having spoken to several local authorities and charities. Action for Children on initial contact and based on first impression was the most knowledgeable, welcoming, and willing to work with us so that was why we decided to choose to start our journey with them.

Adopting children will ever be an easy or straight forward process, however, the support and knowledge imparted by Action for Children was fantastic throughout and made the process far more manageable.

Case study father and child

The family finding process (where potential parents are matched with children) is relatively straight forward however, as a couple we found that we had to be very disciplined and clear about the type of children we could meet the needs of. This is never easy when you are searching through profiles of lots of wonderful children who need a chance to be able to be part of a loving family.

The settling in process is the most surreal part of the whole process, going from having no children in your home to suddenly having 2 of them is the strangest experience when it finally happens after months of learning, planning and scrutiny. It was an absolute joy to wake up as a family each day, however our children found this one of the most challenging times and Action for Children gave us all the support we needed to help our children cope with their new situation.

The most rewarding things is seeing our children grow and learn to deal with their emotions and process their new environment. Children who have faced loss and neglect, find the world around them very difficult to deal with they are also self-trained in survival, helping our children to move past this and learn to become dependent again on adults is one of the biggest challenges we face.