Why foster with us?

Our approach is special

From the outset, our approach is different. Everything we do is about supporting our carers so that they can support the children in their care to form loving attachments. Those attachments lay the foundations to be able to give a loving home to a child. We provide specialist guidance, training and support about attachment, trauma and child development to help our carers to build strong relationships with the children in their care. We match children with families carefully. We know if the placements are right, your job will be easier. We have been doing this for a long time and we really listen to the carers and children we work with.  We know what works.

The way we work is not motivated by profit, but by people. Our number one priority is finding the best possible home for a young person, supporting our foster carers and ensuring that young people can be the best they can be. 

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What we offer

24-hour support

Round-the-clock, you can phone us whenever you need to. Your own case worker will also contact you regularly to give support and guidance.

Careful matching

We make sure the individual needs of our children are a good fit with your skills, personal situation and experience.

Breaks when you need them

Being a foster carer can be exhausting, so we give you regular, paid breaks.

We value our carers. 91% polled in the past year say we have made their job easier and 85% prefer fostering to their previous job. As a leading children’s charity we put people before profits.


We also offer

Extensive training and development

You will develop skills, knowledge and qualifications while you’re a carer to feel secure and confident in your work.

Competitive pay

Your work as a foster carer is complex so we pay fees to reflect this, as well as allowances to cover care and leisure costs. This means you can focus your time and skills on caring without worrying about money. In some areas we also pay a retaining fee.

Support groups and social events

We run events and groups where you can get together with other foster carers, learn from and support each other.

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"I don't think I could work with a more caring or knowledgeable organisation."

Action for Children foster carer

You’ll be part of a professional team

We see our foster carers as professionals and you’ll quickly become part of our friendly and child-focused team. We’ll work closely with you, other professionals and birth families to make sure we’re all meeting the child’s needs. We’ll stay in touch through planning and review meetings, supervisions, newsletters, and other materials.

We regularly ask our foster carers for feedback to improve our service. The results are positive – 92% of our foster carers say our support is good or very good.

94% of our foster carers say the service we give them has made their job easier and over 94% say that our support is very good or good.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

This is what OFSTED think of us:

“The service provides excellent quality support and training for foster carers, which is tailored to individual young people’s needs. This applies equally across the short break and mainstream fostering services. Assessments are exceptionally thorough, leading to well-constructed, effective reports with detailed evaluation. This ensures that the strengths and any vulnerabilities of each fostering family are fully understood.”

Thinking of transferring agencies?

There are lots of reasons why you may be thinking about changing your agency – from needing a different type of placement that suits your family’s needs better, to wanting a career with a more innovative service.

We’re passionate about transforming young people’s lives and committed to a long-term approach rather than a quick fix. We have over 145 years of experience and lead the way in pioneering new services and programmes.

At Action for Children we follow the Fostering Network transfer protocol.