Annette, foster carer

Annette says: “I first thought about fostering when I read an article in a magazine about children needing homes. I couldn't help but feel that I could do something to help, their tiny faces on the page cried out to me and I knew this was what I needed to do.”

Annette has three birth children and an adoptive son, and encourages more people to come forward. It is a decision that needs careful consideration, but the rewards can be massive.

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She says: “It took me four years from reading the magazine to picking up the phone to be ready. I knew I had to take it seriously and by this time my children had grown up and we had a few spare rooms that were ready to be filled.”

Annette and her husband are both over 55 but age doesn’t matter when it comes to fostering.

"I am not surprised that people think that if you are over 55 you can’t foster - I tell them not to believe it. Anyone can foster as long as you have love, skills and commitment to help a child flourish."

Annette, foster carer,

Annette’s house has always been full of children from having her own crèche and being a registered child-minder, to having her own children’s friends round. Her knowledge and understanding of children meant fostering was the perfect fit for her.

She says: “I often get Christmas cards and messages from the children I have looked after; I was even introduced to my foster-grandchild the other month. Seeing the children that have come into our home, develop and be independent is so rewarding.”

"I have got a fantastic network of support around me from Action for Children, my friends and my family."

Annette, foster carer,

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