“It’s totally untrue that people renting properties aren't considered for looking after foster children,” Shelley says, “As long as you pay your rent on time and you can provide a stable home and family, you stand a very good chance of becoming a foster carer.”

Shelley had a lifelong ambition to become a foster carer and felt that we were vital in helping her get through the process.

Shelley, foster carer
Action for Children has been there from the word go and I have continued to maintain a good relationship with them.
Shelley, foster carer

Before becoming a foster carer Shelley had been a teaching assistant for 12 years. Wanting to try a new challenge she started a toddler group. Her best friend was a foster carer and brought the foster children to the toddler group – the rest is history.

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When it comes to fostering Shelley has always had great family support, and is able to draw on her aunt’s past experience as a foster carer. They are really proud of what she achieved with her first foster child and how much progress he made.

Shelley says: “With therapeutic fostering you receive more support and so does the child. Being a foster carer is so rewarding, despite not being able to see results straight away. I’m always pleading with my friends to consider fostering.”

"I wish I had taken up foster care years ago. My advice to anyone who is considering fostering is to just get on and do it."

Shelley, foster carer,

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