Amber joined an Action for Children Foster Home at age 8 with strong memories of her birth family. She was acting out to try and end her foster placement to avoid any further rejection.

Amber had required to be separated from her siblings and was feeling a great sense of loss and worry about their well-being. She also had frequent nightmares and disturbing memories which created great anxiety for her. Because of her past experiences, her confidence in adults’ ability to support, manage and keep her safe had been very damaged but through the support of her carers, she was able to tell the relevant people about her experiences so others could be protected.

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Even though she had complex requirements, we were able to find a supportive foster family for Amber who provided her with stability and made her feel safe where she has stayed for over 6 years.  

Championed by her foster carers, Amber has been able to move from a specialist education unit to a mainstream school and has made friends for the first time in her life and although previously displaying signs of severe neglect, is now having growth spurts to catch up with her peers.


"To celebrate her birthday and her new found friends, her foster carers held a celebration birthday party including hiring a limousine to collect them from school - this was the first birthday party Amber had ever had."


Amber is now preparing for secondary school and continues to receive incredible support from her foster carers.

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