CEO Sleepout

CEO Sleepout is an exclusive event for business leaders that will take place on Thursday 21st March 2019. A select group of CEOs will come together to sleep rough for one night in Paternoster Square, London. The event started in 2014 and since then it has raised an incredible £532K to support vulnerable young people in the UK.

Thank you to the 15 sleepers who slept out at CEO Sleepout in Paternoster Square this year.
Thanks to your incredible fundraising we have so far raised £123,740.39. These vital funds will ensure vulnerable young people are given a stronger start in life, a secure future and enabling them to reach their full potential.


Meet our 2018 sleepers


Why do we do it?

1 in 3 homeless young people will attempt suicide

1 in 5 homeless people are care leavers

Up to half of all homeless young people have no qualifications

I want to take part

I am delighted to Chair Action for Children’s CEO Sleepout. I have supported the incredible work Action for Children is doing for many years and it's great to have senior business leaders join us to help the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people in our society. By giving them the space, safety, guidance and support they need to get their lives back on track we offer hope and the chance to thrive. In 2018, I’ll be giving up my bed again for one night in order to change the lives of some of the 83,000 homeless young people in the UK – will you?
Tim Griffin Former CEO and General Manager at Dell EMC UK and CEO Sleepout Chair

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