Count Your Blessings 2018

What will you be doing this Lent?

Generous donations help in so many ways: from children with disabilities getting the equipment they need, to children who've suffered abuse getting therapeutic support, through to our local volunteers getting the training they need to do what’s right for children.

So if you’re up for a challenge, count your blessings for 40 days this Lent, and help us to take more action for children.


40 day challenge

Take part in our 40 day challenge - one new challenge for every day of lent. 

Time to count your blessings by counting the pennies that turn into pounds!

Take the challenge

Want to use less ink? Download our printer-friendly black and white version instead.


Host a fish and loaves dinner party

Some families face impossible choices like whether to pay the rent, turn on the heating or feed the children. Can you help by hosting a supper this Lent?

Invite family and friends over for a Fish & Loaves Supper where they donate to Action for Children in return for a delicious meal.



Looking for inspiration? Download some recipe suggestions:


For Kids

Get your little ones involved with Count Your Blessings with their own challenges! 


Download the colouring challenge for children

40 day challenge certificate