Crafty fundraising ideas

Get crafty!

Everyone loves browsing jumble sales or tasting homemade treats, so why not use your creative skills for an hour to raise money and make a difference? Whether you want to fundraise at home, at work, or in your local community, handmade crafts and tasty treats are a great way to have fun, get families and groups of friends involved, and use your hour to raise funds for a good cause.


Bake sale

Bake sales are popular for a reason – most people enjoy a delicious sweet treat! Bake up a storm at the weekend bring it into work on Monday – or combine efforts with friends and family to make it a bigger event. Halloween is right around the corner, so perhaps you could make some spooky snacks?


Crafting workshop

Invite friends over or convince coworkers to stay one extra hour, and teach one special skill like cooking, baking, knitting, playing guitar, dancing, or whatever talent you happen to have. Friends and coworkers who want to learn can pay a small fee to participate.


Jumble sale / bring & buy sale

If you're not particular skilled in crafts, why not flex your merchandising muscles? Ask your school, your family, your neighbours, and friends to donate books, clothing and items that they no longer need. These can then be sold to raise funds.

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