Quirky fundraising ideas

How quirky!

Tired of traditional fundraising events? Spice things up with some of these quirky fundraisers! When people are entertained and get to have a good laugh, they'll be willing to support you in your quest to do good. So get your supporters laughing with your most creative idea, and you'll definitely stand out from the crowd.


Silly Hour Challenge

Do something silly for an hour – and get people to sponsor you! Whether you sit in a bath of baked beans (or jelly, spaghetti, etc.) for an hour, try to put on other peoples' makeup while blindfolded, or livestream a video game challenge, make sure to post your challenge to Facebook and get others involved in your fundraising.


Shave or dye your hair

If you're looking for something more daring, why not ask for sponsorship to shave your head or dye your hair an outrageous colour? Gentlemen, if you dare, you could even dye your beard! Make sure to make the stakes high – and set yourself a clear sponsorship target so that people know how much to donate to ensure it happens.


Mini (Hour) Marathon

Can you do your favourite activity for an hour? If you're sporty, you could run, swim, cycle or dance – but if your interests are more sedentary, that's fine too! Make a list of your favourite activities, and see if you could do any for an hour (safely). Then, tell people about your goal and ask for sponsorship.

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