My Swap'n'Shop top tips

Are your cupboards in need of a clear out? Is your wardrobe overdue for a spring clean? Now you can clear your cupboard and raise money for Action for Children at the same time! Our new my Swap’n’Shop pack is a handy step by step guide on how to set up your own bric-a-brac stall, either in your local community or online through eBay.

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With the help of two friends, Selena held a fantastic Swap'n'Shop ladies’ clothes sale in her back garden and had a lovely time, raising over £1,000 for Action for Children!


Her top tips for holding a sale in your community:

  • Think about charging a ticket fee to your Swap'n'Shop. People are always more likely to attend an event they’ve paid for! We asked for £10 per ticket in advance and provided light refreshments which included sandwiches and cakes, a drink on arrival and a goody bag for each person who attended. This was all donated. Everyone loves a goodie bag and local companies were happy to donate a few bits and pieces.
  • Tell everyone what you’re doing. I used email invites and posters but setting up a Facebook event was the easiest and most successful way of spreading the word. Friends invited their friends to the event online, and I updated all my guests with exciting items for sale before the big day as well as raffle prizes and goody bag items.
  • I spoke to a local bakery and explained that I was fundraising for Action for Children. They loved the idea and were excited to be involved and donated all the sandwiches and cakes!
  • Saving the best ‘til last! We held a raffle on the day, which guests loved! We sold loads of tickets on the day and it really boosted our final total. I would recommend speaking to your local fundraiser for tips on how to ask for prizes and to get an official letter to help you on your way.

Lisa’s handy hints for listing online:

  • Make sure your picture quality is clear. It’s really important that your potential customer can see the item in its entirety good or bad. You don’t want any returns or unhappy customers!
  • Always include the style and brand in the description, especially if it is a popular style or brand. This will get your item included whenever anyone searches for the brand name and will get more people looking at your listing.
  • Always respond promptly and politely to customers. This will ensure good feedback which in turn will help to increase future sales. People always have questions to ask, so keep an eye on your account whilst your item is listed.
  • If possible try to take pictures against a plain white wall. This will ensure your product is the centre of attention, as it should be!