“I think if we had stayed I would be dead.” 

Can you imagine how it feels to be three years old and to watch your father viciously attack your mum? To be powerless.  

Grace* was just three when she and her mum first fled abuse. At six the abuse started again at the hands of her new stepfather. “I was just a child. I had to watch that and know something bad was happening to my mum. Childhood is supposed to be about innocence and nobody should ever lose that but I did.” 

Grace didn’t choose her childhood, but you can choose to support children like her.

You can stop a child like Grace from shaking with fear.

Just £5 a month could pay for a case worker to help a child in crisis. 

For hundreds of thousands of children in the UK, childhood hurts. Vulnerable children are being ignored, left without support to face abuse and neglect, domestic abuse, deprivation and poor mental health. These children have no choice over their circumstances. But we can choose to help them. That’s why we’re launching our Choose Childhood campaign to inspire the public to support our work and help children in crisis. 

Grace’s school connected her with Action for Children and we ensured she had the support she needed. Grace is now looking forward to starting university in September.  

* Grace wants you to hear this, but for her protection, we have changed her name. 

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We protect and support children and young people, providing practical and emotional care and support, ensuring their voices are heard, and campaigning to bring lasting improvements to their lives.

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