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"I was a midwife for 36 years and as part of that I had a responsibility to make sure child protection procedures were in place. Following retirement I was looking for a position related to children’s services when a friend suggested I looked into Action for Children, so I entered my details on the website. My coordinator was in touch very quickly, and I was invited for a meeting the next week, and that’s where it started! I’ve now been here about three years.

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I work with my coordinator to arrange sessions where parents bring their young children in to play, and to see the midwife and health visitor. I help my facilitator create different programmes around the Child’s Journey (where we look at the stages of development from birth to five)."

"Although it’s upsetting sometimes to see families that are struggling, I feel like I’m making a difference to families and children, watching them grow in a positive way."

Wendy, Action for Children volunteer,

"You can be a volunteer for lots of reasons, so it gives a wide range of people the chance to gain experience from the role. Volunteers enrich and support the staff profile – they choose to be there, and they really care. If someone has chosen to volunteer for Action for Children, it’s because they want to be there."

Volunteers are worth celebrating – and it’s very important to motivate and encourage more volunteers.

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