Parent champions

Our parent champions are an incredible group of parents who use their experiences for good.

They are parents who have had a positive experience of using childcare, or early learning support and use this to provide help and support to other parents in their community.

We believe that all parents should have access to their entitlement to free early education for two-year-olds and their local and home learning services.




Benefits from the scheme:

  • Reaches families who have not traditionally accessed childcare and other services for children;
  • Enhances the confidence and well-being of the volunteer parents;
  • Is cost-effective - in 2012 the Liverpool parent champions project had a Social Return on Investment assessment which showed a return of almost £13 on every pound invested.

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Currently the scheme runs in Oldham, Oxfordshire, Kirklees and Sheffield, but there are plans to have parent champions in Hampshire, Northumberland, Torbay, Bedfordshire and Cumbria as well.

We're currently working with the Family and Childcare Trust to expand the parent champions scheme across the country through our network of children’s centres.