Chesterfield young carer wins Children of Courage Award

Posted by / Friday 07 October 2016 / Young Carers
Chesterfield Young Carer

A young carer from Chesterfield has won this year’s St James’s Place Foundation’s Midlands Children of Courage Award.

For as long as she can remember, 12-year-old Emily Kay has cared for her mum Kerry, 39, and two brothers Peter, 15, and Christopher, 8 – all of whom have cerebral palsy. Emily also supports her dad Eddy, 39, who was left with mobility issues following a serious car accident. 

Children of Courage landscape

Celebrating the ‘courage, outstanding achievements and bravery of children, young people and their families’, the award will be presented to Emily at a glitzy dinner and awards ceremony in Solihull tonight (Friday 7 October). Over 400 people will join in the celebrations, alongside senior representatives of The St. James’s Place Foundation and celebrity hosts, Pop Idol’s Carrie and David Grant.

With the support of two adult carers and her nan, Emily tirelessly helps her family with all the chores around the house; whether getting them all ready in the mornings, preparing and serving meals, fetching medicines or tidying and cleaning up.

"It can be really tiring looking after my family but I love them very much and would do anything for them. All my family knew about the award before me but they couldn't keep it a secret for long! I’m so excited about the evening tomorrow though I am a little bit nervous too - but I’ll have my family with me, and that’s the most important thing."


Emily is one of an estimated 700,000 youngsters across the UK known for acting as a carer for a relative or guardian – but there are thought to be more who have not been identified as needing help.

Since 2014, Emily has been supported by our Derbyshire Young Carers service based in Chesterfield which supports young carers both emotionally and practically to keep their home and school lives on track. In bringing them together with other young carers, the service offers the young people the chance to take part in social activities, short breaks, school groups and educational sessions as well as receive emotional support, information and guidance.

Debbie Moore from Action for Children said: “Emily has had to juggle so many things in life and at times this has been really difficult for her so her award is truly deserved. 

"Congratulations Emily, you are a star and a real champion!"

Debbie Moore from Action for Children

The St James’s Place Foundation Midlands Children of Courage Awards takes place tonight (Friday 7 October 2016) at the National Motorcycle Museum on Coventry Road in Bickenhill, Solihull. More info here.

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