Pioneering at Parallel London

Posted by / Thursday 08 September 2016 / Disabled children and young people Fundraising
DSC_0379_Parallel London

Three pioneering fundraisers represented Action for Children at Parallel London on Saturday 4th September. 


Pictured above is Jo from Essex, and Jason from Northampton, with his son Jay. Jason in his wheelchair, while Jay ran alongside him – together they perfectly encapsulated what Parallel London is all about.

Taking place at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, home of the 2012 Paralympics, it saw more than a thousand people take to the track. Some on their feet, some in their wheelchairs, but all in high spirits. 

Parallel London was the world's first-ever inclusive push/run event of its kind. As well as the five different length events (ranging from 100m to 10km), there was also a busy festival on the day, featuring everything from technology and sport, to food and performances. It was a hugely fun experience for all those who attended.

"This was the first time an event like this has ever taken place, anywhere in the world, and it was really exciting to see so many different people taking part, on their own terms and in their own way."

William Gaudoin, Fundraiser

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