Fundraising for the London Marathon – think more than just a bake sale

Posted by / Monday 13 March 2017 / Fundraising

Raising money as well as training for a marathon can seem like a tough ask – but the good news it, it can be done! 

We caught up with Gabs who ran the marathon for us in 2016 to try and get some tips & advice to help you reach your sponsorship target.


Can you remember what your fundraising total was this time last year?

I think it was actually quite low – around £300 or so which had me worried. As it turned to April more donations started coming in & I also received a lot of donations after Marathon Day – I think that was the final thing that made people realise that I actually did it!

What did you do to raise money?

I did a lot of office-based fundraising – I tried to make the most of specific time periods, what worked really well was:

  • An Easter Egg Hunt (people got very competitive!)
  • Guess the amount of Mini-Eggs in a jar

I also tried to use any skill that I had to offer which I thought people would be willing to pay to learn a bit about:

  • Knitting classes
  • Swing Dance lessons

I think people also appreciated the fact that I was investing a bit more time into this and donated more!


Wow, so how much did you raise overall?

I managed to raise £2,100 in total (£200 over target!)

Gabs running vest

What tips would you give to someone struggling with their fundraising?

Think – more than just a bake sale, there’s so much you can do using your skills.

Post a lot on social media – if you’re going for a long run at the weekend – post a status update on facebook. If it’s crap weather, post a photo on Instagram.

Include your online giving page on every post. You might think you’re annoying people but I had people keep saying to me “you must remind me to donate!”

It’s really important to tell your own story too. Write on your fundraising page why you are running for your chosen charity. 

It’s such a long way to run, and I think people can forget that sometimes! But if you talk about why you are motivated to run for your charity, people are definitely more likely to donate to your page.

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