“I think we prevent an awful lot of children from being really damaged further down the line just by being there earlier.”

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Anne-Marie is one of our family support practitioners which means that she helps children and families who are struggling with neglect, domestic violence and difficult behaviour. You might recognise her from our new TV advert starring Larry Lamb.

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"I came to work with children in care because I was kind of fascinated by the awful story of Baby P and when he died I wanted to try and make a difference. Prior to that I was a photographer and had been for years so I completely retrained and joined a local authority and started supporting children in care."


"Now I do lots and lots of different things. I visit families and children and work one to one in the family home, I teach parenting courses, and I work with other agencies to help make recommendations on how we can best safeguard children who need help."


"If we as Action for Children weren’t there to support these children they would go under the radar and things would get progressively worse for them until they were finally seen by local authority and social services stepped in."


 "I think we prevent an awful lot of children from being really damaged further down the line just by being there earlier. So I think longer term, we’re improving outcomes for families by stopping them ever entering the care system."

"I try and hold on to the fact that with some children we can really make a difference. It’s those stories that keep me working hard for the children who are really in need."


"If there was one thing I’d want people to understand from watching the advert, it would be that this is a real issue, that children are affected by abuse and neglect and domestic violence every single day in every part of the country, possibly next door to you, where you live and it’s something that we need to keep working on together as a charity."

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