Children shouldn't be afraid of the Police. We need to teach young people that the Police are here to help.

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Meet the police officer changing the way children see the Police.

Charlie is a mum of two, a police woman – and now an author. She is attempting to encourage positive relationships between young people and the Police.

She doesn’t like the way the Police are represented so, with the help of her Mum and Co-Author, she created a children’s book about the adventures of female Police officer, Charlie.

“I have two children aged 4 and 1. I realised as I was reading to my children that there is no character representation of the Police in children’s books. Children should be educated about the role of the Police officer and encouraged to approach a Police Officer if they are in difficulty”


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The Police should also not be used as a weapon to scare children in to behaving.

I had a friend who used to tell her daughter that I would take her away if she was naughty. The child became afraid of me because she didn’t want the Police to take her away.

Police are here for support and protection and we should be encouraging positive relationships and educating young people about what we do.


We want children to know that we are trying to make a positive change in their neighbourhoods and communities. I teach my own children that that if they are lost, or in trouble, they can approach an officer without fear and not be afraid of them.

I wrote the book because I am passionate about young people. I have a personal connection to the Police and have been an officer for 14 years. My brother is also a Police officer and I am proud of the job that we do.

The value of reading should not be underestimated. Reading a bedtime story to my children is my favourite time of day. I am a busy, shift working, non-stop Mum. Like all parents, I run from pillar to post on a daily basis. It could be easy for a child to feel overlooked and miss out on one to one time with each parent. We read for 15-20 minutes every night and I know that reading helps to develop imagination and creativity. My son will pick a couple of books and ask me questions as we read. It’s our special time together and he learns as we read.



"Children should be educated about the role of the Police officer and encouraged to approach a Police Officer if they are in difficulty"

Charlie Herod, Police Officer and author of PC Charlie

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