"We provide a home away from home at Camden Short Breaks"

Posted by / Thursday 29 March 2018 / Disabled children and young people

At Camden Short Breaks, we believe every child has the right to a safe and happy childhood. Our short breaks service provides an opportunity for disabled children to gain independence, learn new skills and generally, just have fun! It is also gives families an opportunity to get a much deserved and needed break from 24-hour caring. Our goal is to provide a home away from home. 


Being the parent of a disabled child can be challenging and we are here to help them, practically and emotionally. We teach our children and young people independent skills, so they can enjoy them in their home-family life too. We build warm relationships with parents, so they have trust and confidence in us to provide almost like a second home for their child- where they can be themselves and be happy. 

"One of my highlights in my time working here, was when we helped James who is aged 8 and has Autism, to overcome his fear of the dark."

Simone - Service Co-ordinator at Camden Short Breaks

His parents told us that he had always been so afraid that they had never taken their boy to the cinema. We believed in him overcoming his fear so we worked with him over time, little by little. The first time we took him to the cinema, he was unable to sit down for 5 minutes. The next time we took him, he managed to sit through 10 minutes and eat his small pack lunch. 

We were taking him on weekly trips to the cinema, each time being slightly longer than the last.

Eventually, he was able to sit through an entire movie and watch it with ease. This meant the world to his parents because for the first time, they were able to go to the cinema together as a family. Thanks to you, we are able to take children like James on special outings that are tailored to their needs. We also take our children to zoos, museums, adventure playgrounds and much more! So all our children here to Camden Short Breaks have a happy and fun childhood."

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