Strategies for raising confident children

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It's often a challenge to understand and provide for your child’s needs. After all they are the most precious people in your lives, and you want to be sure that you are giving them a great head start to life.

The Counselling Directory is a comprehensive online resource including a database of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK. The team at Counselling Directory share their 5 top strategies for raising confident children.

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1. Allow your child to make decisions for themselves
This shows your trust in them. It could be as simple as allowing them to pick out their clothes in the morning, or choosing what they want for dinner.


2. Show an interest in what they do.
Praise achievements and encourage improvements. This will build your child's confidence and boost their motivation. Recognise their strengths and praise their efforts. Your positive encouragement can enhance their progress at school as well as at home.

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3. Be sure to show affection.
Warm, gentle hugs and kisses can make children feel truly loved and remind them that they are safe. Have fun together, you can introduce new family activities such as a family bike ride, cinema trip or a family picnic.


4. Have an approachable and open attitude.
Your child needs to be able to share any problems or concerns they have with you. Keep the situation free of judgement, where you are there to listen. Try not to jump to conclusions and instead, come up with possible solutions


5. Be sure to have clear boundaries.
As a parent, you provide a sense of order and stability. But give them responsibilities, such as cleaning their room or helping with the cleaning. Take care to avoid being too strict and setting too many boundaries. It's okay to let them make their own mistakes and find themselves.

It's important to remember that parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual. It's certainly a challenge, but it's also a blessing and you can only do your best. Ensure your child is healthy and happy and the rest will follow.

If you do start to feel overwhelmed, don't be afraid to ask for help. While most of the time we can talk to our loved ones, sometimes we need professional advice.

On the Counselling Directory website you can find a nationwide database of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists; fact sheets and FAQs to explain the different forms of therapy and a search tool so that you search according to your needs and location.

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