Bonfire Night Safety Tips

Posted by / Thursday 01 November 2018 / Safety
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Whether your family enjoy Bonfire Night in your local park with your community or in a garden with your friends; it’s a wonderful, colourful evening celebrated throughout the UK.

While fireworks and sparklers can be one of the best things about 5th November, they can also be dangerous if you’re not careful around them. We have some safety tips to ensure that your children get the most out of the night, while staying safe.

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Leave plenty of space

When building a bonfire, make sure that you leave plenty of space between your house, plants, fences, sheds or other flammable objects and the fire pit so that you and your guests can stand well away from the fire and stay safe from the flames.

Lighting your bonfire

Never light a bonfire with petrol or other explosive substances, as this could lead to serious injuries, burns and even explosion if not careful.

The water bucket

Always have a large bucket of water nearby when you have a bonfire going in case of any emergencies.


Ensure that your children are not wearing loose clothing on bonfire night in order to avoid clothes from potentially catching fire.

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Firework instructions

When reading the instructions for fireworks, make sure you use a torch and no flame of any kind. Make sure to keep other flames such as cigarettes, lighters or sparklers away from the firework packaging.


Stand clear

Do not go near a firework after it has been lit, even if it is taking a long time to go off, as it could start at any time.

Noise cancelling headphones

If your child seems distressed or scared by the noise of the fireworks, make sure to have noise cancelling headphones nearby in order to ensure that they can enjoy the night and not be scared by the loud noise or hurt their ears.

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Arm’s length

Teach your child to hold their sparklers at arm’s length so they avoid any kind of burns or accidents! 

Water down after use

After the sparkler has gone out, pour water over it and make sure your child does not touch it again as they can be very hot even without the flame.

With the right precautions, fireworks and bonfires can be such a fun way to gather together with family and friends and enjoy an evening.

We hope you have a great Guy Fawkes Night however you decide to celebrate it! Always remember to clean up your fireworks after you have finished using them and have fun!

For more dos, don’ts and fun bonfire night facts, visit the official bonfire night safety website for more information.