How to help your child revise for their GCSEs

Posted by / Monday 29 April 2019 / Parenting Tips

The exam period can be busy time. So how can you help your child study effectively while also keeping it as stress-free as possible? Here are some helpful tips.


Create a revision timetable

Help your child make a realistic revision timetable that they can stick to. This will ensure the know how long they have until each exam, and how many days they have for each subject. Help them plan in ‘rest days’, so they’re getting a good balance between work and play.


Explore different ways of learning

Everyone learns differently. Suggest your child explores some different revision methods to find what work best for them. Try some different approaches, such as writing facts down, using different colours, mini verbal tests, or creating study posters and prompt cards.

You could also help them think of some fun ways to bring their subjects to life - maybe by watching relevant shows or documentaries, or listening to podcasts.


Unplug from technology

It’s no secret that social media can be a huge distraction during studying. Encourage your child to turn off their device or notifications during their designated study time. This can help them relax and stay completely focused on their studies.


Take regular breaks

Putting in regular breaks while revising can help your child to stay focused and fresh. Suggest your child tries studying for 30 to 45 minutes, takes a break, then returns to their work.


Keep healthy

Keeping healthy, both physically and mentally, is so important when getting ready for a big test or exam. Make sure your child isn’t putting too much stress on themselves in the lead up to their tests. Remind them that if they’re prepared to put in the effort and work hard, that’s something to be proud of.


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