What everyone else did this year

It’s the end of the year, so we decided we needed the obligatory blog post bigging ourselves up for everything we’ve done in 2013. I’m always up for a bit of navel-gazing but after a bit of a brainstorm we realised that we couldn’t have done anything this year without the help of others. So instead we’re going to big them up.

Fostering Network Wales, Rebecca Evans AM and loads of young people

Why: For being part of the campaign to give young people in foster care in Wales the chance to stay until they are at least 21.

Mark Williams MP

Why: For championing an update to the 80 year old law on child neglect through Parliament

Policy Exchange, Stephen Twigg MP, Andrea Leadsom MP, Cllr Robert Light, Naomi Eisenstadt CB, Carey Oppenheim

Why: For taking part in our events on children’s centres’ role in delivering early intervention at the Conservative and Labour party conferences.

The Open University

Why: For working with us to launch research questioning the concept and identity of male role models for young men and the part gender plays within this.

St Mungo’s

Why: For inviting us to lead the Children and Families strand of their Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign to improve women’s homelessness services and policy.

Loughborough University and two local authorities

Why: For identifying the cost effectiveness of Action for Children's intensive family support services.

23 young people and parents plus 160 staff

Why: For giving up their time to tell us their stories for the Red Book 2013 – a report on the impact of Government spending decisions through the day to day lives of vulnerable children and families.

University of Stirling and YouGov

Why: For working with us on the ‘The state of child neglect in the UK’ research report.

This is just a flavour of the work we’ve been involved in and the people who have helped us. A massive thank you to everyone here and anyone we’ve missed. Here's to 2014!

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