Pictures: we take #changeneglectlaw campaign to Parliament

Posted by James Blair / Tuesday 12 November 2013 / Child neglect Law Emotional neglect

Pictures: we take #changeneglectlaw campaign to Parliament

Supporters from across the UK met MPs from all the major parties in the Houses of Commons last week, at our event on child neglect law.

Sylvia was there. She’d already talked to her MP about the campaign in a local supermarket (but that’s another story). Here’s her account of the day.

"Alarm 6.00am. On train by 7.30pm. Westminster 8.20am ready to meet the team. Lots of happy friendly people having photos taken for our security badges before we head in.

I met Tina Renton - a brave lady. In her speech she pointed out that a law which was 80 years old needs changing and made us think of some of the changes that had taken place in that time – first woman prime minister, human rights act. She pointed out being ignored is emotional neglect. Her experience of telling her mother that her step father was abusing her and her mother ignoring her was just that.

Tina Renton talks about her experiences of neglect

I was lucky enough to talk to Baroness Butler-Sloss. She is very anxious to get this bill passed and will be doing her part in the House of Lords. She did say it’s difficult getting all the interested parties round a table though.

Sylvia talks to Baroness Butler-Sloss

My husband and I spoke to plenty of MPs. Mark Durkan from Foyle was supportive. As was Richard Harrington MP from Watford. It was particularly interesting to meet Annette Brooke OBE MP as she grew up in my area. She too is so supportive.

Sylvia and Roy meet Mark Durkan MP

I had an exhilarating morning meeting the Action for Children team and fellow folk like us who raise money and campaign from year to year. Also good to meet some members of the House of Commons and House of Lords too!"

Sylvia got involved in our campaign to update the law on child neglect. You can too. Find out more about the campaign and keep an eye on the blog for updates.


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