Why do you think young people should have the best start in life?

Posted by Rhea Stevens / Thursday 27 February 2014 / Chance to stay Children in care

I’m still revelling in the fantastic news that Members of the National Assembly for Wales voted to give young people in foster care the chance to stay until they are 21.

It’s a huge step forward but as I said before, there’s more to do.

The Welsh Government promised to look again at the law and see whether:

  • it should say that councils have to provide money to fund young people staying with their foster carers
  • it's strong enough, and will make sure councils give young people this chance if they and their foster carers want it

This is where I need your help. The law needs to do both these things and we need to tell Assembly Members why.

I’m asking you to send me just one sentence explaining why you think it's important young people have a Chance to Stay.

Why do you think young people should be able to stay with their foster families after 18? What would it mean to you or someone you know? How can you some up your passion for giving young people the best start in life in one sentence?

Email me your sentence (to campaigns@actionforchildren.org.uk) and I'll put them together and send them to all Assembly Members before the next stage of the Bill. This will make sure they understand just how much people care about this issue.

What happens next in the Assembly?

On 18th March, Assembly Members will have another chance to vote on changes to the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill (the piece of law we're trying to change). This is the next stage in the process, called Report Stage.

Together we've made a huge amount of noise and convinced Assembly Members from all political parties that we need to help young people in foster care using this new Bill.

We need to keep this up and just one sentence from all the people who have supported the campaign so far will create a whole book of reasons to convince Assembly Members to make the right choice on 18th March.

Not sure what to say?

If you need some inspiration, here’s one of our young campaigners who wrote about her hopes for the future:

"I've been so happy knowing I've helped a lot of children by changing the law. At least now they should have less worries and can get on with their education and life.  I've gained a lot more confidence since this has happened, and realised that with support and determination you can do pretty much anything!

We're still waiting for Gwenda Thomas to make the amendment stronger, so we will still keep on going!  I'm so happy, and can't wait until I hear that someone has had the opportunity to stay in foster care until  the age of 21 - then we'll know we've really made a difference."

You can also watch the video our young campaigners made about what Chance to Stay would mean to them.

We've come a really long way in a very short time. We need your help with this final push to make sure the law delivers real change for the young people that need this so much.

I can’t wait to read your sentence.

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