Lobbying: “It’s just like two people chatting”

Posted by Guest blogger / Wednesday 08 January 2014 / Chance to stay Children in care

Guest blogger, Kim Warren, is a young person from Wales who's campaigning to give young people a Chance to Stay in foster care until they’re 21. Here’s what happened when she went to talk to her Assembly Member for Wales to try and get him on-board.

“On the way to see my Assembly Member, Nick Ramsay AM, I was very nervous and I really didn’t know what to expect. I arrived ten minutes early so I had a chance to talk to his assistant, which calmed my nerves a bit.

Nick came into the room, said hello and shook my hand. He asked me how he could help so I explained to him about the Chance to Stay campaign. I told him how young people find it hard, lonely and scary living independently at a young age with no support, and that they should leave home when they’re ready.

Nick asked me some questions and luckily I was able to answer most of them. He then said that I had made him look at the subject differently! Nick explained that he left home to go to college at 18 and during holidays he went home. I told him that most young people who have left care don’t get that chance.

Time was up. I thanked Nick, shook his hand and left the office. I think it was a really successful meeting. Nick agreed to write to the Deputy Minister, mention the Chance to Stay campaign next time he’s at the Welsh Assembly and he also gave me some names of AMs that I should meet.

As I was walking out the building from the meeting I realised meeting AMs is just like two people chatting. It felt so good to know that I’m really making a huge difference. I couldn’t stop smiling, felt so confident and really happy.

Since the meeting I have spoken to another AM who is also supporting the campaign and I’m due to see another three in the next couple of weeks.”

**Stop Press** Since writing this post, Kim has met William Graham AM who was convinced to support the campaign and tweeted about it too

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