Child Poverty and Social Mobility Commission annual State of the Nation report

Posted by Dan Breslin / Friday 18 December 2015 / Early intervention Inequality

David Cameron has said that ‘increasing opportunity for all’ will be a priority for his government in the next five years. However, today’s Child Poverty and Social Mobility Commission annual report shows just how far he still needs to go to achieve this.

The Commission’s State of the Nation report finds progress has been limited and remains too slow, despite some positive movement on child poverty, employment levels and academic results of disadvantaged youngsters.

The Commission has set goals for the Government to help level the playing field. They include to halve the development gap between the poorest children and the rest at age five

Making sure every child is ‘school ready’ has been a focus of Action for Children’s work on life chances. We know how important early progress is to future educational attainment and employment prospects.

Unfortunately, too many children are not sufficiently developed by the time they start school – particularly those from more deprived communities. Across England, only 58 per cent of children from the poorest areas reach a good level of development compared to 77 per cent from the wealthiest areas.

"If you focus on the early years you have the best chance of transforming a child’s life"

David Cameron, 2015.

We know that acting in the earliest years can make all the difference. But, as the Commission’s report outlines, words and sentiment are not enough.

We need to see determined action by the Government to close the gap and report on its progress. This must be a cornerstone of its approach to transforming lives. Without it there is little chance the opportunity and success enjoyed by some will be possible for all.

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