Help me get a Fair Deal for people my age!

Posted by Catrin Parry – Rowlands / Friday 16 October 2015 / Financial education

Independent, responsible and prepared are words that came to my mind when asked how I felt about managing money. Sadly, this positive outlook on money isn’t what all young people my age feel - they just need more support!

As someone who goes to college and has my mum as a safety net in case I have financial issues, I’m lucky. More importantly, she taught me the essentials to finance, something every young person should be entitled to, regardless of your situation.

I decided to write this blog because the Fair Deal campaign is something I believe in, helping people my age gain the tools of managing money effectively.  When it’s nerve wracking going to the job centre or banks to ask for help and advice, more needs to be done. It would be so thoughtful and empowering if we had someone in power who had our back. Someone we know looking out for our interests, ensuring young people like young mums and people who live alone have more support. More help understanding how we pay our bills and pay for food – everyday tasks that aren’t easy if you don’t have a support around you.

This is my call to the people in power – every young person should be able to access support and learn about money in loads of different ways, not just at school or from parents because not everyone can have those safe places.

To sum up, please support us now so you worry less about us as adults!

Get involved in the campaign; speak up along with me and other young people on this important issue.


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