The Future of Children's Centres

Posted by Kate Maher / Tuesday 19 January 2016 / Children's centres Early intervention

In late 2015, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sure Start Children’s Centres launched an inquiry into the future of children’s centres. They want to see what people think are the main advantages of centres, and what centres can do to make sure they can keep on providing support to children and families in the years ahead. 

Children’s centres offer vital support to children and their families – and this support is most crucial to children under five. The earliest years of a child’s life shape their future outcomes massively, and with limited available funding, money needs to be directed to where it will have the most impact. If the Department for Education developed a national outcomes framework for children’s centres, local councils and centre staff would be able to work together more effectively towards realising this shared goal of protecting children’s futures.  

You can read our response here

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