"Why I'm backing Fair by Five" - Sally Smith, CEO of Peeple

Posted by Guest blogger / Monday 19 September 2016 / Early intervention Public Affairs

I was delighted to find out about Action for Children’s Fair by Five campaign to make child development a national priority, and to offer the support of Peeple. We agree that the early years are a crucial time in all our lives.

Peeple is a charity that supports parents and children to learn together – to help all parents to give their children the best start in life and to narrow the gap in attainment between children from rich and poor backgrounds. Lots of Peep-trained practitioners are already working with Action for Children all around the country.

Sally Smith Peeple CEO

The Peep Learning Together Programme starts where parents and carers already are. We build on what parents are already doing with their children. By sharing information about child development in an informal, accessible way, we can encourage parents to listen and talk to their children, to share songs, rhymes, books and stories, and just to have fun playing with them.

All parents do these things, but some do them more often and with more intention than others – so early years professionals who deliver the programme can value parents for what they are already doing, and find ways to help them do more. It is a great starting point because parents don’t feel judged, they feel valued.

"If parents know that these things are important and why they are important - then we are giving them the power and knowledge to do more – and the more they do – the more they will be helping their child to learn, develop and be ready to get the most of out of school!"

Dr Sally Smith, Chief Executive, Peeple

If you would like to find out more about how the Peep Learning Together Programme can help children arrive at school ready to make friends, to learn and able to carry out important little self-care tasks  – then do get in touch with us by email info@peeple.org.uk or by phone 01865 395145 or through twitter @Peeple_Sally. We’d love to hear from you!