LGBT History Month

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Happy LGBT History Month!


Visibility is key to an inclusive working environment and to raising the profile and understanding of equality issues within an organisation. Action for Children has 600 services across the UK, all unique and all delivering bespoke services within different UK social care and equality legislation. To stretch ourselves even further as an inclusive children’s charity, we not only have staff to think about in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion but also the children, young people and families who access our service. And don’t forgot our pre-adoptive families and foster carers!

LGBT History Month is a key inclusion event within our calendar for all our staff and supporters, for different reasons and with varying impact.  Bearing this in mind, we have looked at as many ways as possible to encourage Action to Children to celebrate LGBT History Month 2016. Some activity is aimed to be fun whilst there is some real learning around why LGBT History month is integral in the ever growing desire to work inclusively.

Awards ceremony 2015

We have over 40 Inclusion Champions at Action for Children and over 80 members of our staff network, Celebrate LGBT. Just over 100 colleagues are key to helping the inclusion team and networks recognise, celebrate and embed inclusion events within our calendar. Network members have been provided with the following which is accessible to all staff:

  • Posters to display on notice boards in services and workplaces. An LGBT history timeline is included, with the hard hitting Stonewall posters and the ‘different families’ poster for young children. It’s important to recognise that some posters will be more suitable to some areas of work than others The knowledge and experience of staff is vital in getting the visibility right for their colleagues and those who use the service. 
  • A rainbow flag and information about the history of the flag and what it symbolises. Information about the countries were homosexuality is still illegal is included as a basis of debate.
  • Top ten tips for engaging children, young people and families in LGBT History Month. Make a rainbow flag, write a poem about a historical LGBT person or watch Stonewall’s FREE DVD about relationships. 
  • Download the LGBT History Month social media photographs and share your newly found knowledge on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. 
  • A personal favourite of mine, download the Action for Children LGBT History Month quiz (2 rounds) and hold a quick coffee morning to test your knowledge.

One of our services in Warrington held the ‘Big Gay Bake Off’, which was the first event that the local Celebrate Role Models had arranged.

"The last twelve months for me have been life changing. The one thing I hated about myself twelve month ago was being gay! I realise it’s actually one of the best things about me and it’s the person I am and I’m so proud if it."

Neil, new member of Warrington service

Find more information about Action for Children’s inclusion work here.

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