Information for adopted adults

We act as a Voluntary Adoption Agency and offer intermediary services and support for adopted adults

Accessing Adoption Records Legislation

  • The Adoption and Children Act 2002 provides for adopted adults to obtain their birth record information to enable them to obtain a copy of their birth certificate. This information will include their original name and that of their birth mother and the district where their birth was registered. The name of their father may sometimes be included.
  • Providing birth record counselling and access to information is of vital importance in enabling adopted adults to understand the circumstances of their adoption and to enhance their sense of identity.
  • If adopted adults require access to their adoption records they may request this service from the agency involved in their adoption or from another agency that is registered to provide this service. Action for Children is able to disclose Adoption records information where it is the Appropriate Adoption Agency (AAA), the agency responsible for making the placement, to an adopted adult through a counselling meeting with a social worker. Where Action for Children is not the AAA, we will help signpost you on to the relevant agency. Copies of information can also be provided. Counselling is intended to offer support during what can be an emotional process of sharing and receiving information.

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