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We believe all children should be safe and happy. But for too many children living in crisis this is just a dream. Together we can end childhood crisis.

This means protecting the vulnerable from neglect and abuse. It means supporting young people who are homeless and those who care for others. It’s finding safe and loving homes, and giving children a voice by campaigning for something better.

It also means being there when the unexpected happens. With a deep recession on the horizon, we know more has to be done, right now, to support children and families in crisis.

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We believe in building solid foundations and spotting problems early. Parenting classes, early years education, and advice on emotional wellbeing are just as important as breaks for young carers and extra help for disabled children.  

We work on the ground, in communities, through 503 local services across the UK, in schools and online. Wherever you find us, we’re doing what’s right for children.

We help more than 368,648 children, young people and their families in the UK every year. But we can still do more. See the difference you can make to children’s lives.


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£3 regular

£3 a month could pay for children to have a healthy nutritious dinner.

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£5 regular

£5 a month could pay for emergency overnight support for a young person living on the street.

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£10 regular

£10 a month could provide a one-to-one play session for a child who has been abused.

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£15 single

£15 could buy puppets to help a child who has been abused express their feelings

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£25 single

£25 could give 15 children a hot, nutritious meal.

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£50 single

£50 could keep a project open for an hour for children in urgent need

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150 years of action

When Reverend Thomas Bowman Stephenson saw children living rough under the arches of Waterloo station in London, he decided he had to act. And his first action was to listen. 

He paid children the respect of hearing their stories, before working out the most practical way to help.   

A century and a half later - in our 150th year - the spirit of our founder remains our inspiration. We work hard to put the foundations in place for children to thrive. We take time to listen. When we see someone who needs help, we act.  

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