Fay is a world renowned magician, and one of the best in the UK. A member of the Inner Magic Circle, she has performed all around the world to the likes of Madonna and Sting.

Fay was the Magic Circle Close up Magician of the Year 2012 and Tatler’s Party Entertainer of The Year 2000. She has had affiliations with us since she was a child, due to her Methodist upbringing, and has attended various events and performed up-close magic at many events.

Fay frequently entertains the guests at our Gala events and offers her magic sets as auction prizes, raising considerable sums for us over the years.

I have long been concerned that many children are denied the opportunity to reach their full potential, be it by the accident of their birth or their circumstances. Action for Children, it seems to me, works tirelessly to address particularly this issue. Their dogged determination, often working quietly in the background, deserves whatever help I can give
Fay Presto

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