Our annual report

From before they are born until they are into their twenties, we help disadvantaged children across the UK.

Download our annual report

Download our annual report (Welsh)


In 2016/17 we helped over 370,000 children, young people and families.

In a world where one thing often leads to something worse, we prove how it can lead to something much, much better. Our work has a lasting effect on disadvantaged children and young people, their families and our society. We always demonstrate what we do, and show how it works. We know that the problems children face can be solved, and that patterns of disadvantage, neglect and emotional distress can be overcome when we intervene.

We have over 600 services, including digital support services, available across the UK. In 2016/17 our 7,000 staff and volunteers helped over 370,000 children, young people and families.

In today’s uncertain political situation we keep children’s needs high on the political agenda, ensuring their interests are protected.  Our policy and influencing work works to create political change that improves the lives of all disadvantaged children.


We succeed by doing what’s right, doing what’s needed, and doing what works for children

Our 2016/17 report covers some of our recent achievements against our objectives and outlines our new five-year strategy.  It focuses on three things – doing what’s right for children, doing what’s needed, and doing what works.

We developed these aims in conjunction with children and young people, and they resonate strongly with our supporters, staff and volunteers.  Our strategy is firmly based on children’s needs - what they need to grow and develop, what they need from people who look after them, and what they need from the wider world.


Download our annual report (Welsh)

How to help

There are so many ways you can get involved in our work and help us to help even more children and young people.