Reena has mixed global delay which means her development is delayed and she struggles to communicate. It came as a complete shock to her parents.

Her mum, Iman, says: “As a baby she was starting to talk and was crawling but then her development slowed down.”


I knew something wasn’t right, but it came as a complete shock when she was diagnosed. They told us she might not be able to feed herself or dress herself.
Iman, Reena's mum

Reena understands people and is able to take instruction but she’s not able to sound words yet. Her frustrations affected her behaviour.

“She realised other children her age could talk and she couldn’t. She tries really hard talk but cannot get the sounds out. It was difficult to take her out in public because she would have tantrums.”

Iman started taking Reena to use the ball room every week at a children’s centre run by Action for Children and to the centre’s holiday play schemes. Her behaviour has improved and it has helped her development. She’s recently been learning Makaton signing and her communication is improving.

“She’s made huge progress. Before, just getting her from the car into the room was a nightmare because of her tantrums. Now I can bring her here and not worry. She knows all the staff and has lots of friends. She’s very friendly and loves hugs. It’s helped her socially and emotionally and it’s lovely knowing she’s in safe hands. She loves it.” 

The play scheme has also given Iman time to spend with her eldest daughter, aged 11, who also attends a siblings group there, and the family have been given information and signposted to other charities that can help. The support and access to facilities, such as the sensory room, has been welcome, especially as Reena is home schooled.

I don’t know what we would do without this centre, it’s a huge support and we would feel so isolated without it. I cannot compliment the staff enough. They always have a smile on their face. I just cannot wait for the day Reena starts talking.
Reena’s mum Iman

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