Having no previous experience around babies and lacking any support, she had very little confidence in her abilities as a mother. Crystal would carry her baby over her shoulder while she was awake so the child wasn’t seeing faces or seeing her mother’s facial expression - when you looked at the baby she wouldn’t smile, she would just stare at you.

Because Crystal had had a caesarean section, she and her baby were trapped in their home as she was unable to pull a pram up and down the many stairs from her flat. The baby wasn’t registered at a doctor’s or attending any health appointments.

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Crystal was referred to a Family Well-Being Project run by Action for Children when her baby was six weeks old where she was taught baby parenting techniques and got a baby bounce chair so they could have face to face time to help the child’s development. We also worked with Crystal on positive parenting and creating routines.

We helped get the family much-needed clothes, baby equipment and furniture, and got the baby registered with a GP which has helped improved her health.

To reduce their isolation, we signposted Crystal to mother and baby groups, which she attends weekly, and contacted the housing association about a back gate so she didn’t have to take the stairs. Before she’d had her baby, Crystal had been at college so we helped her get enrolled on a computing course. She’s now completed that and is enrolled on a more advanced one.

"Crystal is a much more happy, relaxed and confident mother now, which has benefited the child’s emotional well-being."


Within weeks of teaching baby parenting techniques the child was holding her head herself and looking around, smiling and pulling faces. Crystal was delighted and now talks to her baby all the time. Her daughter is meeting all her milestones and is progressing very well.

As a result of the great progress already made, Crystal felt confident enough to attend parenting groups on her own and has now made friends with neighbours who are a great support to her and her baby.

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