Jamie brought her son, R, to the children’s centre’s stay and play sessions and now she says she has “loads of friends”.

"Before R was really shy, didn’t speak to anyone and wouldn’t leave my side. Now, it’s a different story. As soon as we get to the centre he’s off and running up to his friends, I don’t see him!"


When we spoke to her, Jamie was due to attend her first Barclays Skills for Success programme in the hope it would help get her a job. 


 "Now R is older I am able to work, but getting a job is just impossible. I have applied for 50 jobs and I haven’t had an interview. I haven’t even heard back from the companies, which is really horrible – they could at least say ‘thanks, but no thanks’. I’ve got lots of experience and I would really like to work in sales but I haven’t been able to get far with that. I’m now just applying for any job that I can see."

"It does get me down not getting anywhere but I have got to keep persevering, I can’t afford not to. I’m looking forward to taking part in Barclays Skills for Success as I think it could really help, particularly to get some fresh eyes on my CV."

Since attending the Barclays Skills for Success programme last year, Jamie has been successful in getting a job and believes the support she had from Action for Children impacted on her confidence in finding work.

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